GREAT NEWS - Under the new guidelines issued by Gov. Whitmer effective Saturday 5/15/2021 The MCRCA board of directors has decided to go ahead with this year's hamfest. At this time, we are asking that vendors and trunk sales register through the form under the ‘Hamfest’ link in the top blue ribbon. You can send your payment via PayPal using the “Friends and Family” option. When using this option, the club does not incur the usual PayPal transfer fee. Use this address: If you prefer, you can mail a check payable to MCRCA Hamfest, to 4 Carl Dr. Monroe, MI 48162. A confirmation will be mailed to you at your address on record. Thank you for supporting the MCRCA.


The June 17th meeting will return to the: American Red Cross 1645 North Dixie Highway Monroe, MI 48162 Thank you.

Local Nets

CQ CQ, Some local nets going on. Monday night 9:00pm 6 meter FM. 53,110rx 52.110tx PL103.5 TMRA repeater Thursday night 9:00pm 6 meter ssb. 50.225usb Friday night 8:00pm 2 meter ssb. 144.220usb Saturday night 9:00pm 900 fm 927.025/902.025 with 131.8 pl TMRA repeater Sunday night 7:00pm 2 meter simplex 146,420 Have some fun ! 73, Frank/n8uas


Check out the club calendar under the Club Info link in the blue ribbon or the calendar snippet in the right-hand column of the homepage. It shows this year's upcoming events for MCRCA, ARPSC and RRRA.

Hamfest Videos

Check out the Monroe Hamfest Videos in the Galleries under the Club Info link.